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Attention Workers It Has Been One Day Since We Decided To Do Daily Great Outdoor Fight Anniversary Posts

This day in Great Outdoor Fight history: Beef recounts the history of Rodney Leonard Stubbs and becomes Ray’s fight roadie. It’s like those Canadian Heritage Minutes, only with the Great Outdoor Fight.

And in other news, today I can top Beef’s 127 days since the last dumbest workplace sentence (making a total of 3780 days, I would suppose), namely:

Let the students each bring their own laptop; they’ll surely work with the educational landscape and they’ll be able to do the course exercises with no problem.

That is sass in the main and also why I don’t get a proper lunch today and you don’t get a proper post today, or maybe tomorrow, as a two-day class that’s packed to the gills has had an enormous hole blown in it that’s not yet resolved. Oh, and if anybody knows the son of a bitch that invented Comic Sans the doctrine of Bring Your Own Device, please point me in his general direction. I understand he wants to taste the curb.

But I can’t leave you with nothing, so please enjoy (as a followup to yesterday’s discussion) a graphic of all 157 titles from the first ten years of :01 Books; click to embiggen, naturally, and let me know how many of them you’ve read. I think I’m at 101 (and, to be fair, some of the books on the list aren’t out yet). Not bad, still a ways to go.

Spam of the day:

(That is the common thought among ladies. These types of workouts are what allow Matthew Mc – Conaughey to keep his body lean and sculpted.

I am not qualified to declare what is or is not the common thought among ladies.

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