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Ready To Punch Mike In His Noncorporeal Face

So I’m undergoing mandatory training in how not to destroy my company by secretly renegotiating contracts behind the backs of the executive sales staff; the fact that I don’t ever have anything to do with contracts doesn’t seem to have any bearing on the fact that I must listen to Virtual Compliance Officer Mike drone on in his somnolent, emotionless, monotone vocoder as he reads material at me. Let’s see what’s up with webcomics before I open a vein.

Spam of the day:


Jeeze, I hope so. You’ve been after me with your attempts to 419 me for months, Mr. Wang Zhiqiang working with Wing Lung Bank Hong Kong. Get bent.

¹ Seriously, she wasn’t even born until after I’d finished my sophomore year of college. Stop being so damn young, incredibly skilled people that are achieving more than I ever have.

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