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Things To Look Forward To In 2016

Happy Festivus Eve, everybody. I got my gifts early.

From the Twitters, evidence that Chris Onstad may be working on new comics:

Dusted off the old Com-ex 5000 and started banging around

This makes me think back to the waning days of 2005 when this act of embloggenation was brand new, and we were two weeks away from Todd needing to make fake nuts for your ride phone, which two weeks later turned into The Great Outdoor Fight. You guys, it has been nearly ten years since The Great Outdoor Fight.

That means it has been nearly ten years since I met Christopher Hastings in a Great Outdoor Fight t-shirt¹. And, as luck would have it, the other big news today concerns Mr “Doctor” Hastings, and what he’ll be doing for the next while:


For those of you not clicking through, there’s a great big picture of issue #1 of the ongoing Gwenpool series that Hastings will be writing, and a link to an interview with Entertainment Weekly. You guys, Hastings for all intents and purposes is the only writer this character has had (or will have, for some time), and will indelibly put a stamp on her for all future time. That’s really (pardon my language, but I feel the situation calls for it) fucking cool. When Gwenpool shows up as a cameo in some future Phase IV or V Marvel movie? There’s gonna be a credit thanking him. I am so very proud of him and cannot wait to see what kind of goofball adventures Ms Poole has².

Spams of the day:

The New Blue Pill: Confirm Your Shipping Address – (1) Free Trial Available – 235905998

Received two minutes later:

Why You Must Stop Taking ED Pills NOW

Okay spammers, get together and figure out a consistent message please.

¹ The day we met would have been the day we all met Ramses Luther Smuckles.

² In all honesty I had little interest in the character until I found out that Hastings would be writing the three backup stories in Howard the Duck and the Gwen part of the holiday special. I planned to buy them because I know that Hastings doesn’t have a bad story in him, but they’re hilarious and far better than such a contrived character birth deserves to be. If you doubt me, pick up the holiday special and tell me that the bit with Swords isn’t the funniest thing in any comic book from calendar year 2015 that isn’t primarily about Squirrel Girl.

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