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Old Friends

Let’s just check in with some people we like today. You might even call this nothing more that follow-ups on things we’ve mentioned previously but it’s my damn blog and that’s what I feel like doing today.

  • Last week at this time we at Fleen mentioned that Kate Beaton had teased us with the first news of her next childrens book, King Baby. From Publishers Weekly, we can now add a more complete cover image (above) and some details like exactly how long we’ll have to wait to get the book (272 days; look for it on 13 September). I’m confident in predicting it will be at least as wonderful as The Princess And The Pony¹.
  • Also mentioned in the past week was the news that the Cartoon Art Museum is engaging in all of its usual activities (classes and such) that it always has, except for the have a physical space where people can come see art thing. A’course, the San Francisco real estate market being what it is, they’re gonna need some cash to get back into that particular habit, so it’s a good thing that one of the things they’re still doing is their annual fund drive:

    [CAM is] thrilled about all of the opportunities that lie ahead as we develop plans for the museum’s next chapter. During our search for a new home, the museum is continues to offer innovative educational programs, events and exhibitions through new partnerships with local museums and libraries.

    Help us provide the best in original cartoon art and educational programs by contributing to our Annual Fund today! Thank you in advance for your 100% tax-deductible gift.

    Send your money via their support page, or for those of you that still write checks, you can send ’em to PO Box 566 in San Francisco, CA, postal code 94104-0566.

Spam of the day:

This is to inform you that you were among the lucky beneficiary selected to receive this donations award sum of Eur 350,000.00, as charity donations/aid from the Qatar Foundation held in Doha, Qatar, to promote your business and personal Interest.

Yours Sincerely,
President of Qatar Foundation.

Odd that a Gulf emirate would denominate in Euros, but whatevs. Send half to the Cartoon Art Museum so they can get a new home, and half to Kate Beaton so she can have a herd of fat ponies.

¹ Which, per a conversation a little while ago with my sister, is my youngest niece’s favorite book ever. Nobody tell her that she’s gettin’ a special present for Christmas.

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