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Any Of My Readers Work For Verizon?

I need somebody on the inside that is willing to help me burn your employer to the ground.

Because the new DSL modem that they sent me? Piece of crap. Every five days I have to reboot the friggin’ thing because wifi stops working. The eleven year old modem I had before a month ago? Rebooted it like twice a year, normally after power spikes.

Today, in the middle of using it — in the middle of the work day, no less — the wired connection to my desktop goes out. Swapping the cable (it’s old, but it’s not like a cable that’s protected from motion and yanking spontaneously goes bad) did nothing, as did switching the cable to different ports. Connecting the CAT5 to a laptop with wifi disabled also resulted in no internet, to the point that the computer couldn’t even see the router interface. When isn’t responding over cable but wifi is fine, it’s a friggin’ hardware issue and not something you need to line test or have me reboot my friggin’ computer over.

You guessed it — modem reboot fixed everything. And you’ve already guessed how my call with first level customer support went. A replacement will be here in a couple of days (day 30 of the 30 day warranty, yes!), but until then my posting may be irregular. Mea culpa, and for those Verizon employees that may be reading this? Your modem’s bad and you should feel bad.

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