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It’s Babies!

David “Damn You,” Willis “!” and his lovely wife Maggie have welcomed twin boys into the world. Let’s let the new daddy tell the story:

here we go
Everyone’s okay!

Judging from the timestamp, sometime between about 8:30pm and 10:00pm last night, the boys got introduced properly to mom and dad:

Do I have to know the weights before making the Official Announcement? That seems like the done thing, but I forgot them. Ohwells
It’s Zachary Dashiel and Chase Alexander Willis! 6lbs4 and 5lbs8 respectively. Hello!

Overwhelmed by a rush of emotions, Willis reflected on how evolution now views him as redundant:


After that, there wasn’t much left to say:

Late night sleepy Chase

Zach, Chase, welcome. The world is bright and noisy and chilly compared to what you’ve been used to, and you aren’t all tangled up in each others business, but we hope you find it adequate. You’ll meet lots of people; some are dumb and hateful, but most are pretty okay when you get down to it. Do your best to be patient with them and enjoy the fact that right now, not one of them thinks you can do any wrong. Ride out that adorable stage as long as you can!

Your parents are pretty great people, and they’re going to make you very happy in the long run; it won’t always feel that way, but in time you’ll see that they always want the best for you. See if you can give ’em as much sleep as possible in the meantime. Oh, and it won’t be long before Dad sets you up with your own toys, but even after he does, best keep your hands off of his. He’s kinda obsessive about them.

Happy Birthday.

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