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Super Slow Today

I mean, there’s some stuff that isn’t necessarily news, like Jim Zub having a critically-acclaimed run on Samurai Jack comics and now they just so happen to announce a revival of the series for Cartoon Network? We all suspected that would happen when all the Jack fans realized how much they’d missed the show and said so repeatedly during the comic’s twenty issues. TopatoCo rolling out a bunch of new merch for your gift-giving needs? Various creators stocking up, bemoaning the drudgery of shipping, or pointing out forthcoming order deadlines if you want to get stuff in time for your soltice-adjacent holiday? Terrible people insulting my mom¹? No surprises there.

  • But there was one bit that I’d consider newsy, and that is that Los Angeles resident Dave Kellett² will be doing a live chat tomorrow, 4 December, at 1:30pm Central Time via the Twitters. Hit up @GoComics with hastag #AskDaveKellett³ and find out what’s up in LA these days. Can’t imagine what else you’d want to ask him.
  • Annnd I was just about to put this to bed when some news dropped into my lap, and made me into a horrible liar about the quietness of the day; still keeping everything up there, though. Via a Kickstarter update, Dean Trippe announced something fairly large about the much-delayed Something Terrible:

    I’m very pleased to announce that Iron Circus Comics will be handling both the publishing and the reward fulfillment for this project, and everything is proceeding along much quicker with their much-needed assistance.

    What with Iron Circus honcho/showrunner/chief cook and bottle-washer (it’s like that with single proprietorships) C Spike Trotman opening up solicitations for her publishing services, and what with her reaching out to Trippe on the Twitters earlier this week, I should have guessed something was up between them. This is great news all around for several reasons.

    1. It’s clear that the publishing and fulfillment have overwhelmed Trippe; I have my belief why that’s happened, others have theirs. Point is, Spike’s the sort of person that makes things happen, so backers are now absolutely going to get their books sooner than they would have otherwise.
    2. To quote Spike from her part of Trippe’s announcement, Something Terrible is an important book, and it needs to be out there where people can find it; bookstores, libraries, comic shops. I want every backer to leave this project with what they ordered, and I want to do my part to make sure this happens. Whatever you may think of Trippe’s logistical follow-through or about him as a person (again, I have my opinion), the importance of his book is pretty much inarguable. Anything that gets it to the person that doesn’t yet know how much it’s needed is a net good in a world that desperately needs it.

    Not so slow today after all. Cool.

Spam of the day:

Do you like a screamer? Want to see what happens in bed?

Moaners yesterday, screamers today, are these the only noises that fake porn sites care about? What about people into grunting, or honking, or squeaking or squawking or barking or or bleating or burbling? Probably somebody’s into sexual partners that moo or only express their pleasure in Seussian rhyming couplets. I ain’t gonna judge.

¹ Not that she probably doesn’t deserve it. My name is Gary, I’m in my late 40s and don’t get on with my Mom. Hi, Gary.

² Which is how GoComics described him when launching weekly re-runs of Drive and how he will always be referred to on this page. Tough break, LArDK.

³ It would be hilarious if the tag was #AskLosAngelesresidentDaveKellett, but that would bring you down to under 100 characters right there, so I suppose we can forgo it.

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