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Okay, we’re talking about other paper-based webcomic-related items, but since a couple of them are specifically calendars, I got to use one of my favorite words for the title. That alone makes it a good day.

  • Firstly, the intrepid David Malki ! has announced the 2016 iteration of his Wondermark calendars, with various bonuses if you’re special. For example, purchasers of four or more previous Wondermark calendars are heroes in his eyes and get a special plague plaque to display along with the calendar. There’s also original art left over from the 2014 calendar up for grabs, and the entire release remains a limited edition of … actually I couldn’t find the edition size but the last couple of years have been 250.

    In any event, the calendar is progressive (you’re always looking at the current two-week block and the next, instead of waiting until the end of the month to flip the page and see the first of the next), and the entire thing is one of the classiest items you can put in your home or place of work.

  • A somewhat more traditional calendar (month at a time, big ol’ piece of artwork) was also announced today from We Love Fine for the Homestuck in your life. Artwork by Evan Dahm, KC Green, Mary Cagle, Caitlyn Humprhies, Cole Ott, M Harding, Matt Cummings, Mallory Dyer, Adrienne Garcia, Xamag, Shelby Cragg, Jonathan Griffiths, and Gina Chacon. I’m guessing that Green’s contribution includes Sweets Brougham and Helpful Geoff, so maybe just burn that month instead of looking at it.
  • Fans of calendars that let you look at a whole year at time and also the Fat Pony will want to check out Kate Beaton’s 2016 calendar, although I personally find it outrageous to consider that the pony doesn’t fart until December.
  • Other paper goods: greeting cards that open a new front in the War on Christmas, courtesy of Zach Weinersmith and assorted artists. It turns out Christmas is not only beset by liberal pants-wetting secular humanists, but now also by the ultrareligious types that love Jesus more than you ever could and are putting a second Christ in Christmashrist. the collection is worth it just for the Abby Howard design of high-fiving socks-and-sandals Jesuses (Jesii?)?
  • Finally, today marks the release of Gotham Academy issue #12, the last to be illustrated by Karl Kerschl. I’ve enjoyed the book over the past year, in no small part because I will read anything Kerschl illustrates, up to and including the phone book. But I’m excited at the possibility that with the end of his involvement with GA, Kerschl will have the time to return to his interminably great The Abominable Charles Christopher.

    It’s been just under a year since the strip updated, and even longer since there was a Kerschl strip instead of a guest strip. Charles, Gilgamesh, and all the denizens of the forest (including the nefarious Sissi Skunk and Luga, the only honest cop) have about a year’s worth of stories left to tell. We’ll see if Charles Christopher wraps up before or after the much-hyped Dark Knight III series¹, but I know where my money is: Karl don’t shiv.

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The only question I have is what joaniemoans1 through 23² think about this.

¹ The original telling of which 30 years ago remains a formative influence on Kerschl, and for which he has contributed at least one variant cover.

² Or possibly joaniesmoans? Can I get a ruling on this, Ryan North?

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