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Welcome Return And Awesome Books

Some things are just unforgivable, Blake. Good thing Ted, Dee, and Vachel love you. PS: Welcome back, I will enjoy reading your new adventures twice a week.

On the three-fold Kickstarter path:

  • The new Cautionary Tales anthology from Kel McDonald is kicking; as noted in the past, each CT volume takes a continent as its source of inspiration, and for volume 3 we’ve made it to Asia. I knew this one was coming sooner rather than later, as Carla Speed McNeil mentioned her contribution when I spoke to her at NYCC.

    That, naturally, makes me think of the NYCC three years back when McDonald first shared the idea for Cautionary Tales and we speculated on what volume 7 — Antarctica — would be like. It’ll be a few years before we see it, though, so in the meantime enjoy the creators joining McDonald and McNeil, like Meredith McClaren, Randy McMilholland & Andrew McSides, EK McWeaver, Gene McYang¹, Blue McDelliquanti, Nina McMatsumoto, and Mcmany Mcmore. These anthologies are always a treat, so jump on that.

  • Speaking of Kickstarter, Evan Dahm launched the Kickstarter for the second volume of Vattu (Vattu 2? Vatutu?), The Sword and the Sacrament. There may be no better mythology-heavy storyteller in webcomics than Dahm, and the history of Vattu and her adventures in the wide world (in ways both within out out of her control) keeps getting broader, deeper, and more satisfying. Almost any of the side characters could be the lead in another series², and Dahm’s physical books have a tangible beauty that match the story. Get in on this one immediately.
  • Last 24 hours for the Kickstarter of Zach Weinersmith’s religion-themed comics. It looks like it might fund under my prediction, which means it will merely be in the US$350K range and be his second-highest-funded project. I’m sure he’s crying all the way to self-publishing success.

Spam of the day:

Your husband has it all until now (the only guide to build anything from wood)

Curiously for a spam-filtered communiqué, this is describing actual wood and concerns itself with carpentry. It’s not about the sort of wood that you might be concerned your husband has had until now and presently is presumably lacking.

¹ A Monkey King story!

² I’d love to see Junti’s story, showing her intersections with Vattu from her POV. Or Shezek and his brother, or Emperor Arrius as a young hothead, or the War-Man, or, or, or.

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