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I Am Running Around Like A Rodent On Meth Today

So this is gonna have to be brief.

  • Speaking of crazed rodents, Ryan North and Erika Henderson’s Squirrel Girl continues to charm all and sundry (including me, and I loathe those brush-tailed little terrorists), and to push into every corner of the popular consciousness. Case in point: a statistics assignment being offered up today. I can’t recall ever getting a statistics test/homework problem that mentioned Squirrel Girl, Chipmunk Hunk, and Koi Boi, so point to Stephen Davidson from The Internet for making life a little more absurd for his students.
  • Speaking of statistics, Matt Nolan is back with the complete Numberwang on Oh Joy, Sex Toy’s second Kickstart. I realize that not all creators are comfortable with sharing data like this and some actively object to the notion that they should; I would never advocate that it be required, but man I love digging into numbers, and the value to the next crop of creators in planning their own crowdfunding efforts is impossible to overstate. Many thanks to Nolan for providing the data and the learning opportunity; more thanks to Nolan and Erika Moen for making sweet, sweet love to the internet every week with OJST.
  • Speaking of nothing in particular, turns out I’m not the only one that’s having problems getting San Diego Comic Con to issue press credentials with anything approaching functionality. For the record, I still haven’t heard back from the inquiry I made to SDCC press reg email last month, nor have I received any replies on the process I began a year ago to get credentialed for 2015. I have received an offer from another comics news outlet that believes it will be able to provide me with access (they bring stringers each year, so this is legit), for which I am grateful. We pixel-stained wretches helping each other out doesn’t change the fact that the SDCC press reg process is broken, and the people running it are bad at their jobs.

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