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A Week In And Running Low On Stretch Goals

I mean, it’s not like anybody thought that Zach Weinersmith would have trouble meeting at US$15K Kickstarter goal, seeing as how his previous projects have funded at levels ranging from US$47,000 (of a US$20K goal) to US$384,000 (of a US$30K goal). I’m not sure that I expected to see Religion: Ruining Everything Since 4004 BC become his third-most funded project before the 30 hour mark, or be on pace to obliterate all prior records, as the Fleen Funding Formula Mark II puts Religion at US$480K to US$720K final funding.

To put that in perspective, it’s potentially twice the take for his second-highest funded previous project, Science: Ruining Everything Since 1543; it’s also well above current top funder Augie and the Green Knight. Heck, even it if continues at its current long tail rate of “only” about US$7K/day, you’re looking at a total of US$356K, or just about midway between Science and Augie.

Since the only question is how incredibly overfunded Religion will be, maybe I should direct your attention to some of the other webcomics Kickstarts that are currently running? As of this writing, Lunarbaboon vol 2 is at 340% of goal with three weeks to go, but the fifth volume of Spinnerette is still a couple thousand shy (although with three weeks to go, it seems pretty safe).

Significantly, the tenth-anniversary edition of SPQR Blues (think Bite Me, but imperial Rome instead of revolutionary France) is sitting at an even US$5000 of a very modest US$8500 goal with only 11 days to go. If you were ever going to take a leap of faith into a webcomic that you weren’t familiar with on my say-so, this would be the one.

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