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All This And Brad Guigar

Multiple things happening in the Wide World o’ Webcomics, and I get to have dinner with Brad Guigar? My cup runneth over.

  • Fastest moving story of the day: Zach Weinersmith has launched a new book Kickstarter and celebrated by making today a three comic day. Three comics, three alt-texts, three voteys, it’s a weinersmithapalooza! And, surprising nobody, the new collection in question (of the best of SMBC religion comics) launched about four hours ago (as of this writing) and is sitting at 376% of goal, presumably because people want to get their hands on a copy of the Bible, as abridged by Weinersmith to make it relevant to the modern world. My theory: it just has one page that says Stop doing that¹.
  • Speaking of Kickstarter: I got my backer survey today for the previously-mentioned customizable sketchbooks, so it appears that I will get my personal philosophy encapsulating notebook after all. Hooray for Book Block!
  • Most academically important story of the day: Charlotte Something, aka Charlotte Herbert (a UK-based model and Suicide Girl), is somebody you should be paying attention to today. Not for the fact that she is willing to (as the British would say) get her kit off in a fairly public manner, but because she’s working on her dissertation and needs your help:

    COMIC CON ATTENDEES!! I’m conducting this survey for my dissertation, if you can complete it, I’ll love you forever.

    The survey is brief, and somewhat telling in the questions it seeks to answer vis-a-vis comics conventions, particularly with respect to number nine:

    9. Do you read Graphic Novels/Comic Books?
    Not yet, but I plan to.

    State of the modern comics show, everybody. Take a minute and fill it out, see if your responses in the freeform questions (what’s changed about these shows, what to you like/dislike about them) can prompt somebody down the line to make comics shows about, oh, comics.

Spam of the day:

Grab 12,000 shed plans inside… (open now)

Amazingly, not a euphemism. Somebody really likes sheds and is eager for you to also really like sheds.

¹ Given that none of the sample comics on the Kickstarter page feature Islam, but do feature Christianity and atheism² the countdown to somebody frothing on Reddit about it begins … now!

² Also Buddhism, but you don’t find that many mouth-frothy Buddhist determined to scream at you until you achieve inner peace.

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