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Nope, One More Chewy Cluster

Re: yesterday’s post about Webcomics Rampage being the last webcomics-heavy show of the year? I stupidly overlooked the fact that MICE — the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo — will be chock-full of webcomickers, and it also runs this weekend, and it also also is a free event.

This is a particularly egregious oversight on my part, because I’ve been enjoying the crap out of the Ryan North-written, guest-artist drawn Dinosaur Comics in honor of MICE this week (by, respectively, Braden Lamb¹, Mitra Farmand, and Patt Kelley). I mean, lookit them! The casual lab wear on Lamb’s strip! The substitution of cats and mice in Farmand’s! The cosplay and the commuter bus and the bloody mouths and the sad, old dinosaurs toddling off to early bird specials at Denny’s in Kelley’s! They’re amazing and I completely spaced on how they were pointing out that MICE is this weekend.

Naturally, more creators than just North, Lamb, Farmand, and Kelley will be descending on Lesley University in Cambridge, MA²; they’ll be joined by (in no particular order, and this is certainly an incomplete list) Gene Luen Yang, Lucy Knisley, Dustin Harbin, Aatmaja Pandya, Matt Lubchansky, Evan Dahm, Meredith Gran & Mike Holmes, Alison Wilgus, George O’Connor, Nick Offerman³, Janelle Asselin, Jason Viola, Carey Pietsch, Cathy Leamy, John Green & Dave Roman, Rosemary Mosco, Sophie Goldstein, Colleen Frakes, Dante Shepherd, Dirk Tiede, and many, many more.

There will also be corn programming.

If you’re not in either metro Cambridge or metro Austin this weekend, I dunno — just sit home and be sad about that fact? Not too sad, just a little. I’m sure that the right degree of sadness can be properly expressed with the help of a highly-customizable greeting card, such as those being preorderable from David Malki ! on Kickstarter. They’re available for the next three weeks, they will definitely get made, seeing as how they’ve achieved more than 108,000% of goal (as of this writing), and will hopefully arrive in time for the holiday card-sending season.

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¹ Already used to working with North on Adventure Time and Midas Flesh, where he got to draw lots of dinosaurs(!).

² Not Boston, but as we all know, Boston is not a big college town.

³ Not that one.

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