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The Last Chewy Cluster Of Webcomickers For 2015?

I mean, East- and Northampton still exist, as does Portland, so there are natural conurbations of webcomickers, but this may be the last organized public gathering of such until next year. And you can be part of it, if you’re in mid-Texas this weekend:

Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy will be hosting Webcomic Rampage Episode VII: The Web Awakens […] October 17 & 18th.

Webcomic Rampage is all-webcomics, all the time, set in a comic shop (which means that it’s primed to attract people who equate comics with I will pay money to read, which has to be good for the creators showing), with a humane scale and pace, and a well-curated slate of guests each year. This year’s tributes lucy contestants exhibitors include the likes of David Malki !, Randy Milholland, David Willis¹, “Unca” Lar deSouza, EK Weaver², David McGuire, Amanda Lafrenais, Melanie Gillman, Garth Cameron Graham, Alex Woolfson, Nikki Ward, Michael Terracciano, Ngozi Ukazu, Dax Tran-Caffee, GABO, and Joel Watson³.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons will each feature live draws with various creators on the even-numbered hours, and a group panel of everybody at 9:00pm; past years have featured the occasional crudity or naughty language due to the lateness of the hour and the possibility of sophisticated adult beverages at dinnertime, so I like to call it Webcomics Rampage After Dark4.

Alas, Austin (while a great town) is a little far away and I have to head out for a work gig on Sunday anyway, so please convey my best wishes to all and sundry and I’ll see you all on the con circuit next year.

Notspam of the day:

Up Coming Events: Sushi Robot Demo

This should never have gone into my spam folder because a) it’s a sender I know and whose products I buy from time to time, and b) SUSHI ROBOT. I’m giving you this one for free, spammers. Put a sushi robot in the subject, and I’ll read it.

¹ For a fun time, ask him how much he’s looking forward to the twins that are nearing their appearance in the household. I’m sure he won’t be terrified in the least! And what’s the deal with webcomickers and twins anyway? Rosenberg, Sohmer, Hou, possibly other twin-producing creators, it’s got to exceed the average rate of multiple births in the US/Canada.

² Ask her how thrilled she is about the new TJ & Amal omnibuses (omnibi?) that are getting into the hands of KS backers and available to everybody else soon.

³ as Joyce Davenport.

4 Insert Ryan North intoning Ladies in a sultry voice (with his shirt off probably) here.

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