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NYCC 2015 Recap

It’s a shame that the Javits Center is so damn expensive that it’s priced nearly every webcomic out of New York Comic Con; on the floor you’ve got your Cyanides and Happinesses (where a healthy line was getting sketches from the lads, so I had a quick hello and left, so as not to interfere) and your Ryans Sohmer (not in the guise of the creator of LICD et al, but rather as the guy behind Comic Bento¹).

The Artists Alley could be rather nice for webcomickers, but reports I get is that even that locale is pricier than a wholly independent creator can easily swing unless they’re on the absolute top of their game (cf: Jim Zub was the webcomickiest guy there, and he’s got a pair of successful Image books to promote and a stack of panels to be on).

Scott C seemed pretty busy, and I missed seeing Karl Kerschl to my annoyance — but he’s still a ways from getting far enough ahead on Gotham Academy to return to The Abominable Charles Christopher² and I wouldn’t want to make him feel bad on my behalf. Hell, I’ll wait for that last year or so of Charles Christopher until the sun goes cold³.

So there you have it — a busy show floor, in a terrible space, that’s not terribly conducive to webcomics, and you still get to have a pleasant enough time catching up with folks doing interesting work. With NYCC’s continuing sponsorship of the all-comics, approximately all-Artists Alley Special Edition in June, perhaps we’ll see the return of webomics to a New York City show, just not the one named after the city.

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¹ Which involves light interactions with potential subscribers, and a few meetings with potential partners. It left him with enough time that we were able, in the midst of a very busy Saturday, to just hang out for half an hour, talking about musical theatre in general and Hamilton in particular. Oh, and also the state of webcomics, crowdfunding, conventions, his kids, and who lives/who dies come the revolution.

² As noted last year at NYCC, Kerschl hoped to be able to return to Charles Christopher sometime after New Year’s 2015, which technically we are, and will be for the forseable future

³ We also have the separate issue that DC is about to release the third part of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns (which is weird, as there was no second part, and anybody who thinks they saw a second part is hallucinating) and as DKR is pretty central to Kerschl’s existence, he may have less mental bandwidth for the the coming year or so — probably enough to eat and drink, but possibly he shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

Then again, DKR is responsible for a considerable percentage of the interactions that Kerschl and I have, so DKR III can only provoke more such interactions and that’s all good.

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