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I Remember My First Time

Two bits today about finding where you’re supposed to be — in a chosen tribe, and in the places that pull on us.

  • Today’s delightful new comic-maker to watch is Eryn Williams, who I learned about only because she was willing to share a story about herself. Specifically, a story (in delightful comic form) of accidentally meeting Scott McCloud & Ivy Ratafia at SPX while being all cool & brave and introducing herself to Spike.

    Then realizing who it was she was talking to.

    Then heading for the hills with all speed.

    Which prompted Spike to share her own story of meeting McCloud for the first time, which appears to have jumpstarted a I met Scott McCloud and peed confessional from Shaenon Garrity. Which reminded me of this year’s MoCCA show when I was able to introduce my comics-loving nephew to Scott & Ivy and managed to hold the fanboy explosion in by the merest of margins. Seems like just about everybody’s got a meeting McCloud story, and for some of us it stretches over multiple days.

    Anyway, I very much enjoyed Ms Williams’s comic (the art’s clean and engaging, her visual metaphors are great, and the pacing of the story beats and gags is dead on), and her other comics, and we have a chance meeting to thank for it. I’m gong to be keeping an eye on her work, and you should as well.

  • How good is Eryn Williams’s one-shot? Good enough to bump a block of Kate Beaton family comics to second story. Seems Our Kate has been feeling the pull towards the homestead that many Maritimers feel, and she announced on The Twitter yesterday that when her current book tour is done, she’s moving back to Cape Breton. Which is perfectly fine; she can make comics anywhere, and some of her best come from being around her family, which will only happen more frequently.

    Travel safely, Kate, good luck with the new place, and I hope you find the capital-H Home that you deserve.

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