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Man, I Don’t Even KNOW What Has Happened These Last Few Days

[Imagine a picture of the SuperBloodMoon here, as twenty assorted webcomics types recreate Wondermark #302]

It’s kind of freeing, being off Twitter almost entirely for half a week; there was just no time to look at the phone. So, final photos from TopatoCon 2015 (the first of its name), then the drive home, then back to work tomorrow¹.

  • The day started early when Webcomics Own Angel of Mercy and Carbs brought donuts. Amazing, amazing donuts, including gluten-free, and the Secret Donut which appeared to have been carved directly from a half-kilo lump of pure chocolate, then rolled in chocolate chips.
  • The only session I got to sit in was Go Away, Sea Lions!, as David Malki ! spoke with Spike and Randy Milholland about how not to be a dick on the internet. Good stories, good laughs, good lessons, good questions from a smart audience. Like the other panels in room one (like Stacy King’s discussion of Tokyo fashion, Emily Nagoski’s roundtable on ladies, sexual pleasure, and comics that mix the two, and the cocktail competition I hosted), it should be on YouTube in the near future.
  • As was foretold in prophecy, Karla Pacheco and Jeph Jacques are actually MasterBlaster.
  • The residents of the haunted AirBnB (Tom & Sara McHenry, Ferocious J[on Sung], Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson, David Malki !, Tyler Hutchison, possibly others) hosted a weenie roast under the SuperBloodMoon. A new cult was birthed, and there were also s’mores. Ia! Ia!

Okay, got to check out and eat something before I drop. Come to the next TopatoCon, and if it looked like fun, please drop a note to showrunners Holly Rowland and Sara McHenry (you can reach both through Make That Thing) and tell them what a great job they did because they can’t be told that enough times.

¹ Note: work tomorrow means flying to Dallas, so there may be an abbreviated post then.

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