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Kill Me

Before anybody makes a call to the local acute psych services on account of me actively wishing for death, consider my recent tweets:

1. New work laptop runs Windows 8.1
2. Max 1 week before I put my fist through the screen of this abomination.
3. Back to data xfer. #killme

It boots
[three blank lines]
[eight blank lines]
[thirty blank lines]

We have reached a state that Roast Beef would recognize as even worse that the Bead Shop, and the shifting of my work is maybe one third done, which must be done tomorrow, before I leave for TopatoCon on Thursday because when I get back I have to immediately get on a plane for a client gig with said abomination. So this is gonna be brief.

  • Thing That Makes Me Less Suicidal Today #1: Whiny manchild convinced that evil minorities and women are keeping Marvel and DC from recognizing his genius. Jim Zub patiently and kindly schools him. I will buy Zub a drink at TopatoCon for this.
  • Thing That Makes Me Less Suicidal Today #2: Forbes covers SPX, and chooses Spike as the lead subject of a feature titled Black Wonder Woman, Feminist Smut: Welcome To Indie Comic Con. I will buy Spike a drink at TopatoCon for this.
  • Thing That Makes Me Less Suicidal Today #3: Randall Munroe is going on book tour in support of Thing Explainer. I don’t think Randall is going to be at TopatoCon, but if he is, I will buy him a drink on general principles.
  • Thing That Makes Me Less Suicidal Today #4: Ta-Nehisi Coates is maybe the smartest writer on race, equality, and social issues working in America today. He’s also a Marvel comics supergeek, and Marvel announced that he’s going to be writing Black Panther. This is perhaps the only thing that could get me to regularly buy a cape comic not involving Squirrel Girl. If I ever have the privilege to meet Mr Coates under any circumstances, I will buy him as many drinks as he wants.

No spam today, I’m already dealing with too much stupid.

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