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This Is A Great Idea (Times 3)

Friday! SPX is kicking off in mere hours in Bethesda. TopatoCon has its pre-opening concert in a week. More importantly, it’s almost the weekend. Let’s party.

  • Speaking of TopatoCon, comics and science fan Propriety had a great idea, shared on Twitter, that I think should become standard for humane-scale cons: a modification of the showfloor map with creator avatars. Brilliant idea, let’s see if it can become a standard.
  • Speaking of both TopatoCon and SPX, know who’s gonna be there? Well, lots of people, but I’m talking about KC Green at the moment. Green’s been alluding on the social media about a mysterious creative task that was taking a lot of his time, and he told us today what it is:

    i think i can finally say something a out this: I’m doing a one shot Invader Zim comic issue …

    Thinking on the words Invader Zim and comic book and writer-artist, there is no place that you can go for a satisfying outcome except for KC Green. Oni made the 10000% correct choice; this is gonna be great.

  • Speaking of SPX, be sure to see the many awesome creators that work with :01 Books who’ll be there. And when you get back, check out the latest :01 Books blogtour, celebrating the launch of Fable Comics from Monday. I’d point out that come the 30th, the blogtour will land here at Fleen where we’ll be talking about the absolutely stellar Jaime Hernandez and his take on The Boy Who Cried Wolf, but modesty forbids.

Weekend. Enjoy the crap out of it, see you next week at TopatoCon!

Spam of the day:

HEY! Noticed you on FB and was hoping maybe we could hook up.

I think you mistake me for somebody who has a Facebook account. I mean, I’m sure a complete stranger who makes that basic a mistake is exactly who I want to hook up with.

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