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This Is Why I’ll Never Believe RSS Is Dead

New PBF, y’all, and thanks to the magic of RSS, it was waiting there for me at the end of work yesterday.

There’s something about early post-summer that seems to invite the launching of webcomics. Yesterday we noted fourteen years of Wapsi Square¹, and today marks five years of Dumbing of Age, itself a reboot of the Walkyverse, which launched on the same day in nineteen holy cripes ninety-seven and relaunched in reruns on the same day again in the rather recent 2012.

So I guess the early post-summer days are really a David Willis thing, and everybody else is along for the ride. I don’t know what he was thinking when he launched Shortpacked in January, but his obsessive need of symmetry was at least observed in ending that strip on the same January day ten years later. Honestly, between this tendency and his obsession with Batman, he’s very nearly a calendar-themed minor villain. He doesn’t really do anything wrong, but that’s no guarantee he won’t get beaten by a billionaire ninja if there aren’t any murder clowns around.

Oh, wait, one thing that might be wrong from the perspective of his fellow webcomickers: today’s Dumbing of Age shows that Willis now has a comic buffer through 1 January 2016 (112 days from now), so he’s probably in for some stink-eye next time he’s hanging around somebody that’s running late. David Willis, happy double strippaversary, and I declare your Bat-villian name to be: FUTURETOON.

Spam of the day:

Kära företagskund, Du har fått ett nytt internt meddelande. Klicka för att se.
I’m told this means: Dear business customer, You have a new internal message. Click to see. Funny, I don’t remember opening any business accounts in Sweden.

¹ It might stretch the definition of early post-summer, but I may as well note that 1 October will also mark 14 years of Achewood, hiatusy though it be.

What I was thinking when I started Shortpacked! in January was “oh crap I’m out of money better start up another webcomic.”

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