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Exploding Kittens May Reach My House Before I Do

Got my shipping notification, and now it’s a race to DFW to see if I can make it home to blessed New Jersey in time. Say what you want about my home state, at least our airports have actual exit roads.

With that in mind (and time short) please enjoy a quick view into what my email and website spam filters are like these days.

Spam of the day: Lightning Round!

Bathe Safely with a Whirlpool Walk-In tub

How old do you people think I am? I don’t need a walk-in tub.

I am a, staff of Private Banking Services at the Bank of China (BOC).

How much? US$8.35 million? Snore. I don’t answer 419 scams for less than 50.

Rachael Ray Bikini Body Diet

Seriously, what is it about Rachael Ray in particular that she keeps getting mentioned in this context? She’s got a good cosmetic dentist, some irritating catchphrases, and pretends to cook.

Your PayPal account has been suspended Case ID 364-186

That would be the PayPal account I don’t have? I will absolutely provide you all my information now.

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