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Enough With The Kickstarts Already

Everything has to do with Kickstarter today, even the fact that the US Postal Service has apparently taken a package (in fulfillment of a Kickstarter) meant for delivery from TopatoCo/Make That Thing headquarters in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts to The Fleenplex in scenic downtown New Jersey, and sent it through Western Michigan. USPS: not good at maps.

  • To start, I find that I have inexplicably omitted discussion of KC Green’s Kickstart for the final print collection of Gunshow comics which is a serious oversight, me. Even more inexplicably, more than a full week in, Gunshow vol 6: Doomed To Repeat It sits at 86% funded, which means that in the 21 days remaining it will easily eclipse goal, but why so slow to meet funding? Just go check out the video — I was going to put a still from it up top of this post, but I couldn’t choose just one and don’t want to spoiler it in any event — and you will want to give Green all your money ever.
  • Next up, Gordon McAlpin (onetime sporting bet nemesis) is Kicking the third collection of Multiplex and off to a good start a bit more than — I want to say a day and a half or so — into the 24 day campaign. Go, look, support.
  • I have to believe that David Malki ! is somehow abusing the Kickstarter process by setting up a campaign with a goal of one dollar, perhaps trying to set a record for most overfunded in history? He’s sitting at about 95,000% of goal as I write this, but I can’t get mad because I eventually realize that Malki !’s Kickstarter campaigns are really odd performance art pieces where he has to build and do stuff. Consider:

    US$325 “CUSTOM DICE BOX” [4d6 + Coloring book + Postcards + PDF] – We’ll design an incredibly elaborate laser-cut wooden case, containing your own official set of 6-sided, color-coded Roll-a-Sketch dice. Just regular dice, but in a REALLY nice box.

    US$4895 “CUSTOM CHESS SET” – You and I will roll some dice on Skype, and together we’ll create a full chess set of 32 custom characters. I’ll tell my wife Nikki to sculpt all of them for you. The money then goes towards my divorce proceedings.

    It’s really almost a cry for help, but involving creating things and doing things that he wouldn’t force himself to do without money. I’m actually very okay with this, as long as he doesn’t actually make his wife construct 32 custom chess pieces. Or, if you don’t want to pledge to the Kicker and just want to get a Roll-A-Sketch without visiting a convetion, you can purchase those at his store for the duration of the campaign.

  • Howard Tayler¹, thankfully, is not running a Kickstarter just now. Instead, he’s going to be at the Salt Lake City (the one in Utah, as opposed to all the other Salt Lake Cities) Public Library this Saturday talking about Kickstarter and how to run a successful crowdfunding project.

    Unlike 99% of public talks on Kickstarter and running a successful project, Tayler’s talk will not be a useless parade of crap; this is because unlike 99% of people that opine on Kickstarter and how to run a successful project, Tayler has actually run multiple successful projects on Kickstarter. Anyway, check it out if you’re in town.

Spam of the day:

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At last! Something not to do with Kickstarter! Also, you know who gets laser targeted? Sniper victims. Noooo thank you.

¹ My evil twin, etc.

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