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#buttrocket, How Could I Ever Have Doubted You?

Special bonus Sunday post to reflect momentous happenings over at QC’s Guest Week-Plus-A-Couple-Of-Days. As noted in this space yesterday, Friday’s strip, initially #buttrocketless, was amended to incorporate #buttrocket. Then Jeph went and ran another guest strip today, this one by the incomparable Danielle Corsetto, with a callback to Goopy Kitty and every-damn-thing.

Also #buttrocket.

The entire saga may be observed by reading the contributions of Corsetto and her #buttrockety siblings (KB Spangler, Zach Weinersmith, Christopher Baldwin, David Willis, and Megan McKay by clicking here and then clicking forward.

Jaqcues says that there are still guest strips to run, with QC returning to his hands on Wednesday. Will there be #buttrocket in those strips? Maybe. Will Jacques break out #buttrocket as an easter egg in his own strips going forward? Oh glob I hope so. We’ll all find out together.

Note: as tomorrow is the scheduled blog tour entry for The Last Man (also discussed on Friday), if there is another #buttrocket sighting, it will get its own post so as not to detract. Thank you, and good evening.

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