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Thursday Is Random Topics Day

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

  • A couple of people that I follow have mentioned the lack of tools for creators to use in analyzing their Patreon campaigns; of late, I’ve seen people mention a third-party, public-data tool (much like Kicktraq, which I could dig around in all day), but I didn’t see the appeal until Los Angeles resident Dave Kellett told me to check it out. Silly me, I thought that Graphtreaon would only be of use to creators and not have a cornucopia of fascinating data.

    For example, I now know that the top-funded Patreon campaign is pulling in more than US$32,000/month, that if you want to make a mountain of money on the platform, you should be making adult videogames, be Amanda Palmer, or have a massive comics audience (Jeph Jacques and Zach Weinersmith are, respectively, the #26 and and #27 highest-funded creators … outpacing one of Patreon’s own founders, as it turns out; for reference, Alex Woolfson, Tracy Butler, and Tom Siddell are the other comics creators in the Top 50)¹.

    There’s a pretty heavy overlap between the most-backed campaigns and most-funded campaigns, too (with the same project sitting at the top of both lists). I’d love to see a scattergraph of funding rank vs patron count rank and see how closely they correlate (note to self: break out the spreadsheet next week), but I’m seeing a lot of the same names, just in a somewhat jumbled order. Anyway, if you like looking at data, all of this is neat, and we at Fleen thank LARDK² for pointing us as our new toy.

  • Speaking of toys, I see from around the web that the floor map for SDCC 2015 has been released³, meaning it’s time to play around with the interactive version of said map. I’ll go through it in the coming week and put together the usual guide to where you can find webcomickers in the wild if you’re going this year.
  • BOOM! Studios continues their mining of webcomics creators and properties for their BOOM! Box line of comics (where one finds things like Midas Flesh, Lumberjanes, and Giant Days); this time, they’ve gone to Tyson Hesse of Boxer Hockey to revive his old project Diesel. Given that Boxer Hockey hasn’t updated for a while and as a result its story is incomplete, it’ll be a treat to see Hesse get the opportunity to finish a story without other commitments impinging on his time (he’s been doing comic work — especially Sonic and MegaMan related — all over the damn place; yay for his bank account, but I want to see his stories).

    Diesel will launch in September for a four-issue miniseries, and I’ll note that BOOM! Box minis have a habit of getting extended, so maybe we’ll see more down the line.

Spam of the day:

There is a big chance to go viral.

Man, I hope not; antivirals are expensive.

¹ Then again, two pieces of human garbage that spent time insulting the crap out of each other before possibly making nice are n the Top 30 with a really high per-backer average, so please don’t conflate dollar figures with quality.

² Oooooh, that’s an unfortunate acronym. Yikes.

³ In past years, I got such news from the press releases, which I didn’t get, which I guess finally answers my question of whether or not I was ever renewed on my credentials. I think that means last year was my last SDCC.

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