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It’s Always Thursdays When A Bunch Of Unconnected Things Pop Up

Might as well not fight it.

  • The top thing in webcomics, naturally, would be the unexpected reappearance of A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible’s David Hellmand and Dale Beran, this time at The Nib. A Slime To Remember is the first that we’ve seen from Beran & Hellmann (working together, that is) in 18 months or so, their third comic this decade, and the 44th overall collaborative exploration of the odder corners of their respective imaginations. It’s a good ‘un, and according to The Nib editor Matt Bors, It’s probably safe to say we’ll work together again, which hopefully means a shorter wait for the next installment.
  • How about a pair of reminders of looming deadlines? Today is the final day to apply to TopatoCon, so if you want to have the most fun it is mathematically possible to have¹ this September, now’s the time to get in while you can.

    In a similar vein (albeit on the far side of the North American continent), we’re also down to the last day for artists to apply to be part of the Alaska Robotics 2015-2016 gallery exhibition season in beautiful and scenic (I mean that sincerely, it’s breathtaking) Juneau, Alaska. Quit procrastinating and get your applications in!

  • I just realized that both of those application deadlines have pretty much been open for a month. Know what else has been going on for a month that probably none of you noticed?

    And that marks one month of not having any men in my comics on my site. I guess one or two might come back.

    The last time we saw an actual dude in Diesel Sweeties (not counting Roger and John Stamos, who are above petty concepts like human gender) was 27 March, with Indie Rock Pete being … well, being himself. And as we all know, one appearance by Peter Gaylord Weiner is enough to suck all respect and liking for dudes out of the room, even after two consecutive days of the best dude.

    Thanks to best dude R Stevens for showing us that entertainment that features men as often as most entertainments feature women isn’t strange and off-putting (or at least, no more so than normal).

  • Future happenings 1: Brad Guigar (cartooning force of nature and real-life sexy dad²) will be doing four panels at the upcoming Wizard World Philadelphia — one each day, Thursday through Sunday of next week — on webcomics and podcasting (the latter with his two sons, falling on Sunday, which is traditionally the family-friendly at most comics shows).
  • Future happenings 2: Jorge Cham is into the tail end of production of his second PhD feature film with the release of the trailer. The last movie screened in more than 500 locations, on all seven continents³, so keep your eye on the film’s page for announcements as to where Cham will be bringing the sequel.

Spam of the day:

Coming out of your box can be frightening.

This piece of life advice came from a site purporting to sell Michael Kors, the most orange man this side of John Boehner. Tell you what — I’ll come out of my box when you get Kors to lay off the self-tanner.

¹ And, I suspect, several times that it is legal to have.

² [Mostly] Ladies [and a certain percentage of gentlemen], control yourselves. He’s taken.

³ Is this a good enough reason to wrangle yourself a year-long appointment on the staff of an Antarctic research facility to increase the odds that you’ll be near a screening?

Yes. Yes, it is.

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