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Excellent Things Abound Today

Today is 7 April 2015, and as such marks one year since the last update of Achewood. I do not say this to shame Chris Onstad; as well established precedent clearly tells us, Chris Onstad is not my bitch and we will get more Achewoods when he is good and ready¹. I do so merely to point out that we have reached the fallow point where Achewood gets designated in the blogroll as being on hiatus, and to remind all readers that far from being dead, RSS is a wonderful thing.

Spam of the day:

We used some lube and it reached places I never experienced before. Renee says sometimes we treat our pets better than our mates: “You speak sweetly to your dog or cat, you pet them, you touch them, you feed them, and you walk them.

Wow. Tying into two different items that I wrote about today? Is this great spam or the greatest spam?

¹ And we’ll like it.

² Best anniversary gift ever?

The plural of hiatus is hiatus, albeit with a long “u”.

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