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No common theme today, just a bunch of different stuff.

  • Let’s start by talking about a new comics that’s going to launch tomorrow; longtime readers of this page know that I rarely pay attention to brand-new webcomics, preferring to see a body of work before deciding if I like it or not. The exception is for established creators whose work is already well-regarded … especially if those creators have a history of making different kinds of comics over time. It’s hard to think of a single creator that made more different kinds of comics (with the common thread: Damn Good) than KC Green, so news of a new ongoing strip? I’m there:

    Tomorrow I have a new comic dropping it’s pants to show the world what its made of. It’s called “He is a Good Boy” and you can follow it on tumblr at this address. There is an actual website, but I won’t be announcing that til tomorrow when it is officially “launched.” But there is a website, this I promise. No april foolin’. Tomorrow.

    Even better, Green showed us all some love with more work dropping early:

    So like tomorrow’s pretty full w/ my new comic “He is a Good Boy” dropping and stuff. I don’t want BACK to get overlooked.

    so have a new BACK…….. TODAY

    I’m excited to read BACK today, I’m excited to see He Is A Good Boy tomorrow, I’m just generally excited. Everybody say nice things about KC.

  • Speaking of new comics, John Allison appears to have settled on a model of let’s do distinct stories from around Tackleford in bursts of a month or two instead of half a year, following on the maybe-last-ever Bobbins story with next week’s launch (ha, ha) of a Charlotte & Shauna story … in space. Add to this last week’s print-comic Giant Days #1 (of 6) and I think that Allison may be on to something: 75 – 100 pages in a story, long enough to develop a plot, short enough to not get bored or bogged down. I think the coming months (and years) are going to be his best yet.
  • Back in November we mentioned that Eric Colossal’s Rutabaga would be getting the book treatment. Know what came out today? Rutabaga: The Adventure Chef (book 1 of hopefully many), in glorious color. You can enjoy a preview of the book starting here and compare to the original black & white starting here; I think you will agree that the color looks great, and resolve to get copies for both yourself and younger readers of your acquaintance.
  • Attention pros: Harvey Award nominations are now open, with just about every single one of you eligible for something or other. Fill out the form, return it by 11 May, don’t be shy about promoting your work. Worst that happens? Nothing — in which case, your self-promotion didn’t result in embarrassing attention. Best that happens? You get recognized for your work and hopefully get over feeling excessively modest. Go. Promote.
  • Final word today is given to David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc and semi-pro Mr Bean impersonator), on the value of creating webcomic after webcomic, strip after strip (see footnote 3), with no intention of ever making it a career:

    The non-monetary reward? Making something, and touching people’s lives.


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