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Dusty In Here

Annnnd fade to streetscape, with a sentient Irish/Meixcan cactus sauntering along. Thoughts ahead that may constitute spoilers.

A little pensive, a little hopeful, a little wrapped up but with enough story hooks to hang further adventures on, Girls With Slingshots concludes today with mysteries (What is Maureen & Jameson’s daughter’s name? Is cactus-whispering genetic?) and resolutions (Hazel and Zach aren’t sure what they are, but they aren’t those exes) and the sort of wistful earnestness that has marked Danielle Corsetto’s work through more than ten years and 2000 strips. The past year has been a gradual wind-down, as all the major characters got their versions of happy endings, so it’s appropriate that we end up with Hazel — unsure of where her life was going for so long — finally has a plan.

It’s been a story about growing up, finding yourself (and finding others to share yourself with … and Darren has never lacked for all the companionship he wanted, so he’s good), taking responsibilities, keeping the best parts of yourself and learning to improve on (or live with) the rest.

And the journey hasn’t reached a total end — Corsetto will be rerunning the strip with commentary, and added color to the early B&W strips. It’s also worth noting that Hazel is a holdover from Corsetto’s school-era strip, Hazelnuts (sadly, I can find no live link to that work, but here’s her college-era strip, Ramblers), and Hazel Tellington has relatives over at All New Issues and ties to both Something*Positive and the mostly-defunct Walkyverse; we’ll see her somewhere else, sometime or other.

Thanks for letting us share the journey, Danielle; we know that there’s more to come and can’t wait to see it.

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