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We are close to finishing up a pair of long-running creations in Webcomickia, and I thought you should know.

  • For those that listen to Coffee & Cider¹, Friday’s update of Girls With Slingshots was a known quantity — a triple-size strip, a long-simmering plot point, and the melancholy landmark. As we learned around the end of last year, Danielle Corsetto is wrapping up GWS, and doing so by clearing up a final bit of backstory; namely, what’s the deal with Hazel’s dad?

    Today we meet him. Tomorrow, we’ll learn more. And in about two weeks (as that’s what Corsetto told us on C&C²), it’s all done. It is not going to be easy for Hazel to say hello, or for us to say goodbye. If you’ve read and enjoyed Girls With Slingshots for these ten or so years (and as of tomorrow, 2000 strips), it might be a good time to drop a note to Corsetto and tell her so.

  • It’s been apparent that Chris Yates has been making puzzles like a madman for years now, but the past few weeks he’s thrown it into overdrive. But nothing prepared me for today’s Baffler! Monday, where Yates unveiled 50 state maps, as big a work tranche as I can recall. But what caught my attention even more than the immense volume was the text that accompanied the announcement:

    Here’s our last Baffler release for awhile: All 50 states, all under 40 bucks!

    Did you catch the important part?

    our last Baffler release for awhile

    Yates has been doing fine motor control work for a decade now, the sort that would wear down anybody’s hands/eyes/other body parts³, so here’s hoping it’s just a case of refreshing the creative batteries and not medically mandated to avoid debilitating injuries because that would suck for all concerned. Well, except for somebody buying up a bunch of Baffler!s and selling them on eBay when Yates’s fame outstrips his output, but those people suck. So, anyway, last Baffler!s for a while. Get in on the back stock while you can.

Spam of the day:

I made a fool of myself.

No argument here.

¹ For those that don’t, it’s an approximately-weekly podcast conversation between Danielle Corsetto and Rich Stevens, named after their respective life-giving drinks; they talk about comics and whatever else pops into their heads. Also, if you don’t listen to Coffee & Cider, what the hell is wrong with you?

² She also said that Hazel’s dad was almost named Gary, about which fact there may be multiple conclusions.

³ For those that have watched his process videos, Yates has always been careful about proper eye protection, but there’s also a lot of squinting and close visual work that could lead to vision strain. The constant vibration of power tools has been known to do a number on motor and sensory nerves in hands and ears of factory workers, and I can’t imagine that Yates (powerful as he is) is immune to such rigors and dangers.

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