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Well, This Is Unfortunate

There were going to be some Kickstarter stories — like the launch of a campaign to fund Camp Weedonwantcha’s first print collection, or the FFFmk2 on the TJ & Amal Omnibus — but it appears that Kickstarter itself is having a bit of a wobbly.

It’s not clear at this time how the failure of access is going to affect projects; TJ & Amal has a project page that loads very slowly, but shows no activity (likewise, the Kicktraq page countdown timer is stuck at 28 days, 9 hours, 53 minutes), the Camp page doesn’t want to load at all, and I’ve had no luck connecting to my account’s current activity. My best guess is that KS will offer to extend all campaigns by an amount of time equal to the outage, but that’s just a guess. Likewise, the cause of the outage is not known publicly at this time, but I think we all know it’s due to too many awesome ladies making webcomics collections.

  • So what can we talk about today? How about an already-funded project that was on a different site? The first collection of Stand Still, Stay Silent funded out in October, and it was known that the books would not be shipping for a while because they would be including Chapter 4, which Minna Sundberg didn’t complete until the end of November. As it turns out, the books are going to be a bit later than originally expected, for the very best of reasons:

    I didn’t want to promise anything until I knew just how long chapter 5 would end up being, because if it ran too long I simply couldn’t include it due to the added weight/shipping cost. But now I know the final page count, and with the book clocking out at around 320 pages (instead of the previous 260) I have made the informed decision to throw in this fifth chapter too.

    So instead of a 260+ page book, Sundberg is giving us a 320+ page book, making your contribution a full 25% more valuable. Yay!

  • I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up, but there have been two updates to Boy On A Stick And Slither this week, on Monday and today. I am cautiously optimistically that these strips — apparently the first since the June of 2011 — represent a return of Steven Cloud to cartooning, and as such I’m removing the indefinite hiatus annotation from the blogroll over there to the right. Everybody feel good for Cloudy!

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