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I Would Vote For History’s Greatest Villain¹ If She Could Break The Spine Of This Winter

It’s cold, it’s going to snow at least once more this week, and New England has turned into Ice Station Zero.

  • I could have used a different reference in footnote #1 (and a different image for the header of the post), but R Stevens hasn’t (as I write this) yet gotten around to President #39 in his Pixel Presidents series, updating now on his Tumblr. They go up in batches of six or so at a time, at about one minute intervals, because how else are you going to kill time when you’re on hold with the cable company?
  • Which bit of inevitable news should we go with first? That the Exploding Kittens Kickstarter met its 30-cheevo stretch goal and can only drum up further excitement by declaring virtual and IRL party events for the next three days? Or that Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List for hardcover graphic novels²?
  • Actually, I think one other thing was more inevitable: when waiting to enter the McCloud talk at the 92nd Street Y a couple weeks back, and talking with Raina Telgemeier, she told me that she fully expected McCloud to knock her out of her spot on the Times Best Sellers List.

    He didn’t, due largely to the fact that Telgemeier is on the softcover list, but I am not sure he would have if they were on the same list. Significantly, Telgemeier regained her clean sweep of slots 1, 2, and 3. Even more interesting, Drama is in the top slot, presumably because all of the readers that tore through Smile and its sequel Sisters are now digging through the back catalog for anything Raina-related. What with the newly colored editions of the Baby Sitters Club books about to release, it’s a very good time to be Raina Telgemeier.

  • Speaking of McCloud and Telgemeier, they will be among the Guests of Honor at this year’s MoCCA Fest, just about two months from now, presuming we haven’t all frozen to death by then. The Society of Illustrators have celebrated by releasing the main visual for this year’s event, by Eleanor Davis. I maintain that MoCCA is one of the great bargains in comics shows, costing a whopping $5/day at the door and existing on a scale that allows you to see everything without feeling homicidal.
  • Finally, let us take a moment to reflect on those that perhaps have a harder time with the cold than we do. I am thinking here of ectotherms, particularly snakes, and most particularly one snake that’s trying to find her way in the world:

    New chapter of my webcomic, THE WHITE SNAKE!

    One of the things I love about The White Snake is that it releases a chapter at a time; getting 20 – 24 pages of story in a chunk is much more satisfying than two pages a week over a period of months. It has been a while since we met Lily, so maybe go back and refresh on Chapter One before moving on to Chapter Two.

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¹ Jodie Foster.

² Despite the art being merely serviceable, as judged by this guy who is the walking embodiment of the New Yorker substitute cartoon punchline.

As always Gary thanks for keeping FLEEN open — it’s like my friendly virtual comics store. Some great links today (yesterday) to check out.

I just picked up The Sculptor — looking forward to reading it very much.

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