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Well, That’s Fairly Large

You know, I was going to be talking about how the upcoming Emerald City Comic Con has been announcing special guest from the world of web- and indy comics left and right.

I was going to point out that as of today, their site includes such names as Lucy Bellwood, Brandon Bird, Terry Blas, Ed Brisson, Katie Cook, Danielle Corsetto, Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson, Chris Eliopoulos, Madéleine Flores, Kaja & Phil Foglio, Zac Gorman, Brad Guigar, Tyson Hesse, Matt Inman, Jeph Jacques, Dave


Kellett, Lucy Knisley, Scott Kurtz, Kate Leth, Sam Logan, David Malki !, Kel McDonald, Carla Speed McNeil, Dylan Meconis, Randy Milholland, Erika Moen, Yuko Ota & Ananth Panagariya, Andy Runton, Noelle Stevenson, Cameron Stewart, and the inescapable Jim Zub. And that’s just who I noticed on my first pass through the still-growing list.

Alas, I won’t be telling you about that, because of the huge, encouraging news that came out of (of all places) DC Comics: as part of a massive revamping of their line that largely walks back the New 52 nonsense, they’re bringing on a host of talent and releasing a stack of books that cover a far wider range of story and readership niches (while still staying firmly in Capeland) than we’ve seen before. Oh, and they’ve picked one of the very best of web- and indy comics to take over one of the highest profile gigs in all comics:

I’m working on Superman with the inimitable JOHN ROMITA JR! Our first issue comes out in June!

Thinking back to Gene Yang’s on-stage conversation with Scott McCloud in San Diego last year, one may recall that he resumed a light load of teaching at the high school level, meaning he just because the first cool high school computer science teacher in recorded history.

I am so excited about this, I am actually going to add a Superman book to my pull list, but if there is not at least one piece of deep red lacquerware featuring prominently in the plot line, I will be sorely disappointed. Yang (and his longtime colorist collaborator, Lark Pien) always made those look so good; yeah, he’s writing this book instead of drawing it, but he can get some lacquer in there.

Alas, it appears that we’ll be losing the webcomickiest comic book DC publishes: Batman ’66 (one of exactly three DC books I buy, the other two being the Karl Kerschl-drawn Gotham Academy and the Cameron Stewart-cowritten Batgirl) doesn’t survive the shakeup, but on the bright side we’ll be getting a Section Eight miniseries. Somewhere, Randy Milholland is very, very happy at the thought of defenestrations and dogweldings and the power of perversion. As are we all.

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