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Dammit Weather Channel, Stop Making Up Your Own Names For Winter Storms

You’re not helping! And I don’t want to be in the giraffe zone!

So, since the storm bearing down on me (and everybody else in the Greater New York City mediasphere, and all points twixt there and Boston) looks to be a doozy, I may or may not be able to post tomorrow. Wednesday may be out as well, as I have to spend most of the day on planes, assuming planes are still a thing after this winter joy goes through. Thursday and Friday, all day work meetings, meaning that posting may or may not happen. How’s your day going?

Spam of the day:

Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam responses?

Why would you think I get a lot of spam?

¹ I can’t be the only person that misremembers the lyrics to One Night In Bangkok like this.

² Not to be confused with Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales, either real or fictional. One is a lovely spot that I greatly enjoyed visiting with my wife a dozen years back, and the other is a dude on the internet.

³ Irregular Webcomic: 3368 updates; Darths & Droids: 1149; Planet of Hats: 35; Square Root of Minus Garfield: 2078; Lightning Made Of Owls: 668; Comments on a Postcard: 2212; Awkward Fumbles: 15; The Dinosaur Whiteboard: 1; mezzacotta: infinity.

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