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Like a Swear Jar

For those of you not blessed with encyclopedic recall of Fleen necessary to remember exactly what was written back on 2 January 2014, $25,196,670 is the total raised by Child’s Play in the first ten years of its existence. Well, ten calendar years, more or less, but eleven annual campaigns; regardless, it’s a big damn number.

And it’s getting bigger by the moment. Child’s Play runs year-round these days, but I always think of it starting on the first of November (despite the fact that the first Child’s Play started closer to Thanksgiving), and since then the total is up another US$170,000 or so. Things will really kick in around the time of the annual dinner/auction on 4 December. I know that I say this every year, but I’m wondering what the heck could be done for this year’s campaign to exceed last year’s US$7.6 million, but they’ve managed somehow or another each year.

I actually have a way to juice the totals, but it will require the good-faith efforts of a lot of people. What you do it set up a jar, and every time somebody you know sincerely complains about SJWs or feminazis ruining gaming or insists that’s it’s all really about ethics in gaming journalism, make them put a dollar in the jar. Count the money on, let’s say 23 December, and write a check or PayPal the amount collected to Child’s Play. Given that Child’s Play started as a mechanism to convince the world that self-identified gamers were not human garbage, it would be sort of appropriate.

Spam of the day:

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I know, right? It’s not likely to make me believe that somebody completely distanced from reality is a rational person, but at least they can do some good while trying to convince me otherwise.

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