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Happy Halloween

Okay, get out there, get some candy, and rot the hell out of your teeth.

Spam of the day:

Of course, he follows the scalper’s golden rule — never carry more than 10 tickets at a time. His partner carries most of the tickets and hides in dark lanes awaiting a call from him.

Yes, yes, very clever. The spam is coming in thick these days — up from maybe 3 or 4 a day to 50 or 60. For the love of glob, nobody here wants your fancy sunglasses or footwear.

¹ Disclaimer: I did a technology test on that e-book for author KB Spangler² to make sure that it looks good on a variety of screen types and resolutions, and I can assure you that Come Bowling With Us is friggin’ gorgeous. As soon as Spangler adds this item to her store, you’re going to want to get it.

² AKA “my buddy Otter”.

&sup3: To wit: do we assume that every invoice number since #500,000 up to 519,348 was abandoned except for mine, and that reported by Alice Bentley? That would seem to be the worst possible case, making for an abandonment rate of 19,436/519,348 or about 3.74%. This requires more thought.

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