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From The Corrections Desk

It appears that we’ve managed to get a number of things wrong. Let the self-flagellation begin!

  • Whoops. Looks like Jon Rosenberg actually did get fired from the webcomic that he completely and entirely owns, contradicting my conclusions from yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jon’s replacement, Mr Leonard Stanky:

    Hello Twitterverse! I am Leonard Stanky, a dad and a cartoonist! I am taking over the cartoonist duties over at Scenes From The Multiverse.

    You can see my cartoons about The Multiverse every other day starting Wednesday!!! The web site is at < I want to wish @StankyLeonard all the best in his tenure as SFAM’s new cartoonist. Good luck, Leonard! We’re all rooting for you.

    Huh. I figured if anybody would replace Rosenberg so as to minimize disruption, it would be the Klassic Kartoonist known as Kelly. As of this writing, it is unclear if the terms of Rosenberg’s firing and Stanky’s hiring includes a transfer ownership interest in either the strip or my soul. As for the mistaken assertion that Jon Rosenberg would continue as the creator of Scenes From A Multiverse, Fleen regrets the error.

  • Double whoops. It appears that I have deleted some recent comments. I can see that comments on at least two recent posts have gone missing, which means almost certainly I did something wrong. If yours is a comment that did go missing, it was not intentional or a judgment on the quality of what you wrote, it was likely me being fumble-fingered. Once again, Fleen regrets the error.
  • Triple whoops. I missed the opportunity to talk about something because the combined effect of slow network and trying to get a comment from Rosenberg conspired to keep me from browsing too widely. Just before the weekend, Wacom — maker of the digital drawing tools that every artist working in webcomics as well as non-webcomics uses — announced that it’s putting together an anthology of digital comics.

    Meredith Gran will be joined by Ming Doyle, Giannis Milonogiannis, and a creator to be named later. It’ll be 32 pages long, released sometime in January, and free. I first saw the story over at Comics Alliance, so check with them for further details (it appears the anthology is being wrangled by former CA contributor Caleb Goellner, so it’s likely they’ll get all the news first), but the story’s been popping up all over the place in the past 24 hours or so. For being late to the party, Fleen once again is filled with regrets.

  • Hey! Remember that Squirrel Girl series that Ryan North is writing and Erica Henderson is illustrating? You can now read the first two pages of the debut issue, which — fair warning — will leave you humming the Spider-Man theme song all day long. At long last, Fleen regrets nothing.

Spam of the day:

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Too late! Bwahahahaha.

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