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Things To Make You Smile

Did Mondays that turn out wonderfully become a thing? Seems like they’ve become a thing.

  • First of all, check out this painting from Becky Dreistadt of Indy Cindy from Tiny Kitten Teeth as a Lumberjane. I believe that this is a deer that practices friendship to the max. Speaking of which, did everybody see Lumberjanes issues #7, out this past week? That book just keeps getting better and better.
  • Since we’re having a wonderful day anyway, I’d like to wish a very Happy You Lived Through Another Full Orbit Of The Earth Around The Sun Well Done You Day to two giants — that statement is only half metaphorical — of webcomicking, John Allison and Ryan North. It would be hard to think of two greater gentlemen in any chosen subset of the world’s people, much less one as filled with reprobates and monsters as webcomics¹. Happy Birthsday, comics mens!
  • You know what wonderful days need? Laugh-chuckles. In case you hadn’t twigged to it yet, KB Spangler has a Patreon where donors receive via email illustrated dick jokes. As noted previously on this page, the definition that Spangler uses for dick joke is somewhat expansive, meaning they’re not always dirty, although they most typically are groaners.

    I blame myself, seeing as how I once took the opportunity to introduce Ms Spangler to Mr Guigar, which means she caught the pun-neumonia. Anyway, if you aren’t a contributor to Spangler’s Patreon, you can catch the dick jokes in batches when she updates the associated Tumblr, Puns Are Lazy Humor, which she did over the weekend. Puns aside, there’s some amusing stuff there. Laugh-chuckles, even.

  • Speaking of Spangler, I note that in that previous posting announcing her Patreon, there was also extensive mention of the third book collection Kickstart of one Justin Pierce, chronicler of the Nonadventures of Wonderella. Astute observers may have noted that Ms Ella’s nonadventures have been lacking for a while, a situation which Mr Pierce would like you to know is not for bad reasons:

    A lot of you noticed that since Wonderella’s Kickstarter ended in September, there hasn’t been a new comic. That’s because I’m spending all of my spare time since getting said Kickstarter fulfilled, which means compiling three books, creating a 30-ish page origin story in Wonderella’s newest book, and doing general print prep.
    It bugs me that I’m making things people can’t immediately see, and I may get impatient and just do a comic for its own sake, but right now I need to focus on getting this Kickstarter fulfilled as soon as possible, to satisfy both my backers and my taxes. I’ll post again when I have an idea when I’m through the hustle. In the meantime, Kickstarters are sort of a Faustian pact, and Faustian pacts always end well.

    Good luck with Dr Faust, Mr Pierce. I’m sure fulfilling your obligations is something that all your readers will understand. Dana may complain, but what’s she gonna do? Jump hella high at you?

Spam of the day:

I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing.

I find that booze helps.

¹ In the subset of people born on this day one may also find Michelle Malkin, so I guess that relatively speaking, webcomics is pretty monster-free.

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