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Odd Coincidences Abound

Those of you that follow me on Twitter may know that I am presently in Chicago, and walking around The Loop I’ve encountered people that are near-perfect duplicates of others that I know or at least know of: Hope Larson, Scott C¹, Dustin Harbin, John Allison and more. Lately, it’s been accelerating, and I see people on the street that resemble those I know more rapidly than I can keep up. Either I’m having a very long, very specific, very slow-progressing neurological disorder, or Twitter people are being replaced by invaders from outer space. If any of the people below claims to be in Chicago suddenly instead of where they normally should be, get the shotgun ready.

  • Jon Rosenberg and Gemma Correll hit one of those odd bits of internet comic synchrony today, as they each independently released a comic with a rather unusual element in common: the crab with a gun. This is the weirdest coincidence since multiple crocodilian-mentioning comics ran on the day that Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin died. I think the aliens screwed up, and decided that Correll and Rosenberg might be the same person.
  • One thing that the aliens are probably pretty good at: coming up with an approximation of human language and logic that doesn’t quite sit right on the ear. By that token I’d say that the posts on new social network Ello by “Kris Straub” are almost certainly the work of nonhuman intelligences, because surely no actual person would speak in such a manner as this. He’s been replaced by aliens that learned to speak from crashing Silicon Valley conferences and collecting “thought leader”-speak! Or he’s just really, really tired from having a new kid at home.

Okay, we’ve played out that gag long enough. Quick milestones:

  • Yesterday marked ten years and 1905 strips of Girls With Slingshots, which means that everybody should feel good for GWS creator Danielle Corsetto! There’s not any specific to-do at the comic, what with her taking a six week, cross-country celebration lap this past summer, but a quick Attagirl will surely be appreciated.
  • Even more impressive: sometime in the past few weeks, TopatoCo passed one hell of a milestone in that it shipped its 500,000th package. I believe that Jeffrey Rowland is now permitted to list Mogul on the “Job title” box of his tax returns. If this year is anything like previous years, TopatoCo will spend upwards of a quarter million dollars just on postage — all to send smiles to people that love cool things and money to creators who would rather kill themselves than ship a half million packages. Everybody feel good for everybody associate with The Topato Corporation!

Spam of the day:

sorry but there is a mistake at Nr. 8 (there are two nuerbms 8) one vertical and another one horizontal. when you press at the crossword on that number it shows you a question vertically while answers horizontally(question about a camel while answer is about a cow ) .

Godsdammit, more aliens. Will we never be rid of them?

¹ Not the headband-and-shorts version, regular shirt-and-jeans version.

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