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There’s a million of ’em running around out there, and I’m up to my ass in alligators with one right now. Let’s look at what people are doing, shall we?

  • Re: Ryan Estrada’s Very Big Week; he released an image of what the entire Broken Telephone story (coordinated among some 20 creators, on multiple continents, to produce one large narrative) looks like. It looks like this and if you don’t mind the teeny-weeny eyestrain-o-vision¹ you can read the entire thing. Or just wait ten minutes, and knowing Estrada he’ll probably make it free.
  • Re: that mysterious image that the comics press couldn’t be arsed to research; told ya — Capture Creatures comic series, which BOOM! Studios has announced (as is their tradition) via Comics Alliance. I’d get mad about CA always getting the webcomic-related stories if it weren’t for the fact that they will get the story in front of far more eyeballs than I ever possibly could, and I want webcomickers to get those big audiences. Anyway, I still have two of the 151 Capture Creatures on my wall, so there.
  • Re: ongoing reactions to the suicide of Robin Williams earlier this week; the quality and educational value of the writings and comics about depression that have come about has been jawdropping. Today I particularly want to call out two personal essays about what it’s like to feel your brain out of whack and feeling unable to jolt yourself out of that situation; one is in words by Helen Rosner², the other in words and pictures by Erika Moen³.

    I was particularly struck in both reads about how depression messes with your perception of what the default state of existence should be — you shouldn’t feel like you’re in a fog, you shouldn’t feel like continuing to exist is just a meh thing. That, and the plain fact that Moen and Rosner both experienced time off of antidepressants — if you’re on them, please do not ever go off them without consulting closely and regularly with a doctor. Please. Read both pieces at Medium now, if you haven’t already.

  • How about a light note to go out on? Despite the fact that one half of Unshelved’s creative duo is on the road for the next year, there’s still creative stuff going on in the center of Librarianland. Feel like setting a song to video?

    It was extremely well received, with a lot of folks saying some very kind things indeed. Now we want to turn it into a music video featuring you.

    There’s like five steps to undertake, the results of which will be a crowdsourced music video, a verse or two here, a verse or two there from various contributors. Could be a complete masterpiece and/or trainwreck, and I’m actually hard pressed to decide which would be more fun for all concerned. Either one is good, as long as we’re all laughing together.

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¹ Registered trademark, one of the Akbar & Jeff Hut-based businesses, can’t remember which.

² Until recently, the digital editor for Saveur magazine, and thus responsible for both the Recipe Comix series and much of Lucy Knisley’s overseas food comics reportage.

³ Force of nature and sportin’ arms that could bust a man down on into his component pieces.

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