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In Which I Acknowledge Change

I know that I said I would always list Vera Brosgol’s Return to Sender in the blogroll, and today’s the day when I have to walk that statement back. Because I accidentally clicked on it just now, and it’s possible that the site is no longer Ms Brosgol’s. There’s some essays on writing, but I can’t tell if they’re written by her. The About page features the text that RTS had, but it’s all in a WordPress text-only presentation now.

Look, I’m under no illusion that the story of Often and the magic mailslot was ever coming back, but I’m also not directing people to an unknown destination. If I can confirm that the site is still Brosgol’s, I’ll list it as her writing advice. Until then, it’s gone.

I know it’s been there for something like eight years of nearly uninterrupted potential linking (and I haven’t checked, but therefore possibly available in the Wayback Machine?), but could you throw the link up somewhere in this post, for posterity?

Looks like the domain got snatched up by a spammer/squatter/SEO asshole. The WHOIS information changed just a few days ago.

I appreciate the sentiment, Andre, but no. It looks like an SEO squat and I won’t have anything to do with it.

I also won’t bother to go back to posts where I’ve mentioned Return To Sender (I seem to recall doing so in the first month this here blog was running), so feel free to search away.

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