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Can’t Talk, Reading Seconds

I picked up Seconds yesterday at San Francisco’s famous Isotope Comics Lounge¹ and I have been gritting my teeth all day at work because I have to wait to read the last third of this book.

You guys, it’s so good. The narrative voice, the art, the story are all pulling me in, and while it contains the Scott Pilgrimesque conceit of introducing CHARACTER NAME (AGE IN YEARS) with captions, it cannot be said to be like Scott Pilgrim in any sense other than it’s masterful. It’s less hero’s journey and more learning the lesson that even when you stay in one place, you cannot screw with the fundamental laws of the universe, whether you understand them or not. If a somewhat disdainful (territorial, even) spirit that nobody else can see tells you not to do something? Don’t do it.

Also, the cameos are a kick. O’Malley and his creative collaborators² show up at a restaurant table at one point, as do Yuko, Ananth, and George³. I’m sure there are others that I’m missing. So now I’m going to finish up work, head back to the hotel, and read the crap out of the ending of Seconds and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Spam of the day:

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This spammer is way too interested in how and when I take a leak.

¹ Arriving, as luck would have it, about 15 minutes after the conclusion of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s signing there. Ah well, life and all that.

² It’s pretty easy to pick Dustin Harbin out of a lineup.

³ Fortunately, he did not stop smiling.

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