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Congratulations Appear To Be In Order

Just a bunch of people I need to toss props to today.

  • Zach Weinersmith and Boulet are, as of about 37 minutes ago (as I hit publish on this), responsible for the #1 most-funded children’s book on Kickstarter, and the #4 publishing project of any kind. Also, if you’re me and draw a distinction between publishing and t-shirt¹, one could argue that it’s actually #3. Well done, you scruffy ginger men.
  • The redoubtable² Heidi Mac has been one of the mainstays of comics reportage and commentary; it’s probably fair to say that if she hadn’t started The Beat, a whole bunch of other sites never would have launched, or tried so hard to keep up with her example. Having lost the actual go-live date to the mists of history –it was June or July 2004 — she’s decided on 1 July as her official blog birthday, making yesterday the day that The Beat hit the decade mark.

    Speaking as somebody who’s around the eight and half year mark (no to mention the fact that I cover a much narrower swathe of comics, and file a hell of a lot less copy than she does), I can tell you that’s an enormous accomplishment. I’ll let you in on a little secret — any time I actually come across a story before Heidi³, I get a little thrill like I’m not just a part-timer sneaking in some light opinion-mongering over lunchtime. Congrats on the landmark, Heidi, and long may you continue to lay The Beat down on my dilettante ass.

  • Congratulations to you bidders that have added another US$100 to the price of the Drive cast/Team Cul de Sac benefit auction since yesterday. Specifically thanks to reader Maarvarq, who tried to bid even higher and ran into some kind of eBay limitation. There’s still some hours to go before this one finishes up, so if you were interested in costing me some money, pile on while you still have time.

Spam of the day:

You … are … my … hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

Ma’am, thanks for the kind words, but I’m just a simple webcomics pseudo-journalist, doing the best he can in this crazy, mixed-up world. [flexes; crying eagle flies in front of explosions]

¹ Not to mention the fact that the presence of the most vile creature on the planet — the squirrel — should disqualify the Planet Money (who are otherwise upright citizens of the highest repute) project from existence, much less record-holding status. Friggin’ squirrels.

² So don’t even try to doubt her, because she will re-doubt you right back, Sparky.

³ Also The Spurge, Brigid Alverson, Johanna Draper Carlson, everybody at Comics Alliance, and a half-dozen other heavy-hitters. But mostly Heidi.

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