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Stuff To Do This Afternoon

Hoo boy, when Dr Dante Shepherd posted to Twitter last night about the hate mail that today’s Surviving the World would bring, he wasn’t kidding. Because — professor that he is — he’s laid out the rhetorical equivalent of a chemical reaction that describes freedom on one side, lives on the other, and asks if the two parts are actually in balance.

Just … just read the whole thing, and then take five minutes to think about what he’s actually saying before you decide he’s an enemy of freedom and needs to die, okay? To quote my favorite line from one of my favorite movies on the topic of freedom, Well, in all my years I ain’t never heard, seen nor smelled an issue that was so dangerous it couldn’t be talked about. Hell yeah! I’m for debating anything. His position is that the freedom that some demand requires (as does all freedom) a sacrifice that is being paid by others who don’t have the chance to object; if you’re going to contact him in high dudgeon, answer that point.

On decidedly lighter notes:

  • I smell crossover! The latest storyline at Not Invented Here is about to collide with Unshelved, which isn’t totally surprising given that a) they’re both written by Bill Barnes, and b) NIH launched with an explicit acknowledgment that it and Unshelved share a reality. To the book depository!
  • Promised Kickstarter updates: the Oh Joy, Sex Toy print collection and Girls With Slingshots book tour campaigns wrapped up last night, with totals of US$69,270¹ and US$36,676 respectively. In both cases, they fell within the margin of error of the original FFF, but not the new, stil-under-development FFFmk2. Nobody said that it would be easy to reduce something as complex as Kickstarter funding to a simple calculation, but I shall persist.

    But let’s not lose fact of the important part: Danielle Corsetto and Erika Moen will both be giving considerably more money to guest artists than they would have otherwise, and both demolished their original goals (GWS: 367% of goal OJST: 385% of goal), and that’s worth celebrating in any circumstances. Well done, ladies, now get your ass on the road/get bare asses in print!

Spam of the day:

Ralph Lauren is definitely an outline to the American dream: the long grass, antique crystal , the name Marble horse . His product , no matter whether clothing or furniture , deciding on perfume or containers, have focused on the top of the class customers yearning for an ideal life .

I don’t know; I’ve always found Ralph Lauren to be kind of schizophrenic, yo-yoing back and forth between cowboy kitsch and snooty aristocratic aesthetics. I guess they both feature lots of horsies.

¹ Damn you, anonymous donor that gave US$1 at the last minute and ruined the US$69,269 total!

Good on Dante for speaking up, I say.

I am glad I live in Australia, where children don’t get shot regularly, just because the government is too scared to take guns out of the hands of civilians.

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