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Campaigns And Madness

A number of Kickstarts to follow up on today. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • We’ve just reached the midpoint of Augie and the Green Knight’s campaign, and is flirting with US$260,000 in funding. At this point in their 30-day campaigns, To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure was sitting about US$250,000 (43% of an eventual US$581K) and The Tomorrow Girl was about US$320,000 (or 61% of an eventual US$535K). I chose those two projects for comparison because of the similar level of popularity of their creators, and the similarity of the project: a pure book in fancy packaging (like TTG) that spawned lots of related-media spinoffs (like TBoNTB).

    Assuming a similar trajectory, AatGK is about 52% +/- 9% of its way to final total, putting it in the range of US$498K +/- let’s call it US$45K. Given my original prediction was US$400K +/- US$134K, we certainly seem to be heading for the high end of that range, and the 3rd or 4th most-funded publishing project¹ of all time (and probably the #1 children’s book).

    Oh, yeah, and the audiobook is going to be narrated by Ellen McClain, a factor which isn’t actually juicing the total. See, author Zach Weinersmith and Breadpig have decided that all supporters of any reward (that’s US$10 and up) will get the audiobook. Had they required supporters to get a physical reward (US$25 and up), I’m pretty sure you would have seen a majority of the nearly 700 bottom-tier backers upping their pledges by US$15 each — but Weinersmith isn’t in this for the money. He just wants to get a story with a kick-ass heroine out into as many hands as possible.

  • Finishing soon: Danielle Corsetto’s summer tour funding, and Hurricane Erika’s book-kicker, both of whom are about three days from finishing, both of whom are getting into the end-of-campaign uptick, and both of whom at this point are applying pretty much every extra dollar to other people.

    Thanks to their backers, Corsetto (as of this writing) is paying each of her guest artists an extra US$100 per strip while she’s on tour, and Moen (ditto) is bumping her guest artists (future and — crucially — also past guest artists) to US$90 per page (the average strip being 4-5 pages). Both ladies are at their top of their respective games, both of them deserve your support for their own work, and both of them deserve it even more because they’re supporting other creators in a tangible, food-and-rent fashion.

  • Long since finished, but you can still get in on the Kickstart backing because they’re nice guys: the Christopher Hastings-inspired card game of ninja combat and awesomeness is about to start shipping, meaning you have mere days left to pre-order at the same pricepoints and bundles as the original Kickstart. You might not have gotten your act together last November, but now your can get KS-exclusive rewards because they think you’re still pretty cool.
  • Not Kickstarter-related, but worth your attention in its own terrifying way: Paradox Space, the official place for official works set in the Homestuck offical extended universe, has finally gotten around to a Sweet Bro and Hell Of Jeff story. The madness descends once again, this time springing from the fertile, febrile imagination of KC Green, a match so perfect that it defies imagination. Dear readers: Summer Sea Fun is the last comic you need ever read.

Spam of the day:

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¹ That Planet Money shirt is still not publishing, and screw squirrels anyway.

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