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Before we start, a quick note — next week work will take me to the Left Coast, and in particular to a client where I may have extremely limited access to … well, anything, really. It’s a Bring your passport if you want to make it past Security kind of place, although I’ve been assured that I will most likely be permitted to make bathroom trips unescorted¹. Bottom line, expect late and/or minimal posting next week.

  • I see that Dante Shepherd will be braving the den of Reddit for an Ask Me Anything tomorrow morning at 10:00am. I’m not on the Reddit, but I did recall that you can see who’s upcoming for AMAs² and I took a peek — turns out that Shepherd’s not the only webcomicker due to take on all comers. A few hours from now (sorry for the late notice), Box Brown will be doing the AMA thang at 4:20pm EST.

    The timing makes me think that Maureen Dowd’s now-infamous column may come up in conversation, along with hopefully lots of questions about André The Giant: The Life and Legend. Drop by and say hi! And ask Dante about his preposterous claim that velociraptors would never square dance. I’m calling bullshit on that one.

  • Final update on the Cuttings Kickstart: US$73,264, meaning that they overran the Stretch Goal list and will in fact be adding 64 pages to the book. Also overrunning the Stretch Goal list (it’s missing at least one, maybe two disclosed goals if the US$10K interval holds): Augie and the Green Knight. Just a reminder, this project has blown through funding and more than a dozen stretch goals in three days, or a grand total of 10% of its campaign run time. At this point, I’m giving Augie a 50/50 chance to make it to To Be Or Not To Be territory.

    Put another way, Augie is (as of this writing) already the 12th most-funded publishing project in Kickstarter history. For reference, at this point in its campaign, TBONTB had raised about two thirds as much as Augie has, with approximately the same number of backers. Yeah, calling it: Augie breaks into Top 5 in the Publishing category, and if Weinersmith can keep up the interest with stretch goals, may well challenge for the top spot.

Spam of the day:

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It’s good to be loved.

¹ Don’t laugh; I knew a guy that worked for a Three-Letter Agency in the vicinity of Washington, DC. Contractors at his site not only had to be escorted everywhere beyond the bounds of the cubicle they were working in, during those travels they had to carry a “squawker” — a device which emitted an obnoxious beeping sound that meant Somebody is being escorted, if you can hear this stop talking about secret things.

He had a cube near the bathroom and hated the squawker because it was guaranteed to interrupt him every five minutes and so he tried to force all contractors to have a single coordinated bathroom break per day. In case you’ve ever wondered what could make somebody so psychologically damaged as to spy on their fellow citizen indiscriminately, it was probably having to listen to a squawker all day long.

² As of this writing, Shepherd is not listed, but I’m sure that’s just a matter of the page needing a refresh.

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