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And The Kicks Keep On Coming

Quick logistics note: tomorrow I will be trying to wrap up work and get on a plane home on the starting afternoon of a long holiday weekend — surely there’s no way that could turn out poorly! — and as such will likely not have time to update. Carry on, think of England, and I’ll be back soon enough.

  • A webcomic that I’ve been enjoying (typically in large chunks rather than smaller updates) is Brennan Lee Mulligan & Molly Ostertag’s Strong Female Protagonist, a series that knows that actual Strong Female Characters don’t adhere to traditional comic book definitions of strong. Alison’s a college student, a reluctant superhero, and doesn’t know anything with certainty other than the fact that Life has more problems than can be solved by beating them up.

    It’s a cracking good read, and if you also prefer to read it in chunks, the first four chapters (some 200+ pages) are getting the requisite print collection, via the requisite Kickstarter. Launched two days ago, it’s sitting at some 250% of its (very modest) US$8000 goal, and if the FFF holds true, we’re looking at about US$42K to US$84K as a total. That means that Ostertag and Mulligan will have to come up with some new stretch goals, as right now they top out at US$25K and at this rate they’ll hit that by the end of the weekend.

  • Speaking of predicted finishes, Oh Joy, Sex Toy hit its goal in about 18 hours, and the FFF leads me to estimate a final total between US$65K and US$130K, meaning the guest artists are going to be getting a nice bump to their pagerates. Hooray for smut!

    Along the same lines, it might not be possible to pull a FFF calculation for Evil Inc volume 8 because so far the trend trace is falling outside the usual parameters: it went up from day one to day two, and unusually, the one-sixth-to-one-third ratio is (partly) falling outside the bounds of success. I think I have to declare this one an outlier, but if it weren’t, it’s projected finish would be between US$7500 and US$15,000¹.

  • Welcome news to all who’ve been wondering where the next Benign Kingdom projects would lead. All of the principals have been busy with other projects, but reports of the brand’s diminishment appear to have been premature. Via B9er Evan Dahm, this notice at the Kingdom Tumblr:

    Benign Kingdom is getting moving on some COOL NEW STUFF, and the first item of that stuff is a pair of screen printed posters by Becky Dreistadt and myself. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be putting updates on our progress!

    Go check out the roughs and tell me that isn’t gorgeous. You can’t, you liar.

¹ Or a ratio of porn (Oh Joy, Sex Toy) to not-porn (Evil Inc volume 8) of 8.6667:1. The Smut Peddler 2014:Sleep of Reason ratio was only 2.8599:1, which also makes me think that EIv8 is skewed in this early campaign. That’s just too big a differential for how much people like porn (yes, such a statement can be made). Conclusion: I’m still at least 50 projects away from assigning a decent confidence level to the Fleen Funding Formula.

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