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I am never going to get tired of that panel. Never.

  • And luckily, Erika Moen launching a BookKicker for the first collection of Oh Joy, Sex Toy means that I get to share that little slice o’ heaven from yesterday’s strip with you. It’s the sweetness of Erika’s surprise, the ordinariness of Matt’s question that warms my oh so cynical heart.

    Okay, that and the sexytimes. Gotta love the sexytimes, which is why all people who aren’t embarrassed to love sexytimes should be picking up a copy of the book and revisit the first year’s adventures of Erika, Matt, various guest strippers¹, and the Masturbateers. Oh Joy, Sex Toy puts the fun back in sex, in a smart way that makes you happier and more educated for the journey. Plus the fact that at various reward levels you can get original art, or even drawn into the comic having sexy, sexy sex.

    Plus, because Hurricane Erika is awesome, her stretch goals involve paying her guest artists higher rates, and she’s making the payment bump retroactive. This is not just a woman that wants you to have awesome sex, she wants to support her fellow creators. That right there is worth your support. Just, you know, not from the work computer is all.

  • Considerably fewer people are going to be having sex (at least, not the same way(s) as in OJ,ST) in the pages of Brad Guigar’s latest Evil, Inc collection, also conveniently being Kicked, but that’s not to say it’s not a sexy project. In fact, one could say that anything Brad Guigar does is sexy². By now you know the deal: Brad redesigns the four-panel, gag-each-day updates to read continuously and turn a strip into not merely a collection, but something more. He’s also offering the opportunity to draw you into his strip, but if you grab that reward, you’ll probably have less sex than if you got drawn into Erika’s, but you’ll possibly be more heroic with Brad.

    I’m dancing around the full story of E,Iv8 a little, but that’s because it’s disclosure time — Brad asked for feedback on his Kickstarter’s reward levels before launch, and I provided some. I don’t mind telling you his project is running, but I do feel it’s possibly a conflict of interest for me to hype it too much (although I will say that the reward levels as they stand now are very, very well designed to give you — the loyal reader! — the maximum possible reward, and you’re welcome). All that being said, I wouldn’t have brought up the campaign at all if it weren’t newsworthy, so there you are.

  • The AV Club has hit two recent :01 Books releases in their latest comics review roundup (you’ll have to scroll down a little), and I’m pleased to see that they enjoyed Box Brown’s Andre The Giant and Jillian and Mariko Tamaki’s This One Summer as much as I did. They’ve got some really nice insights that come at both books from somewhat different angles than I did, so if you haven’t read either yet, there’s more evidence that you should. And as always, thanks to Gina Gagliano and everybody at :01 for sending me advance copies of so very many very good books.

¹ I can’t quite recall, but I believe in one case a guest literally a stripper in the usual sense of the word.

² For the second time in two days: Ladies.

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