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Elon Musk: Hire This Man To Do Your [Non-Existent] Ad Campaigns

I honestly can’t decide which bit of Matt Inman’s paean to his Tesla Model S I like the best. The part where Falkor the Luck Dragon makes sweet love to a Ferrari? The part where he goes into the basic indestructibility of the Model S¹? The part where he points out that if you have solar panels on your roof and plug your Model S into them, you’re not powering your vehicle with combustive explosions happening three feet from your crotch, but rather with the sun, whose explosions are 92 million miles from your crotch? I think that may be it, especially the part where he draws a graph about the distance of explosions from his crotch vs general happiness.

The kicker, of course, is Tesla doesn’t do advertising, so Elon Musk can’t hire Inman to write his ad campaigns, since Tesla doesn’t advertise. Nevertheless, the comic would be a great addition to the Tesla site, even with the occasional (prominent) naughty (your eyes will catch fire and churches will burn) naughty word included. Perhaps, given that Inman spends the second part of the comic asking Musk’s support for the actual building of the Goddamn Tesla Museum (the previous campaign only saved the grounds of Tesla’s lab; getting the museum built will require millions more), something could be worked out.

I see a quid pro quo here; Musk comes up with a hunk of change for the museum, Inman continues to make Tesla-themed comics for the Tesla website, and the social mediasphere goes crazy. Win-win-win, I’d say.

In other news, Friend of Webcomics and blogger extraordinaire Josh Fruhlinger of The Comics Curmudgeon got interviewed t’other day by the digital arm of The Atlantic and he had some great things to say about meth dealers in Mary Worth, the stark, existential horror² of Anthony’s moustache from For Better or For Worse, and webcomics. As a result, David Willis, Ryan North, Matt Lubchansky, Jeffrey Rowland, and David Malki ! may now all plausibly claim to have been mentioned by [a small part of the media empire of] one of the most prestigious magazines in American history! Well done all on [a more than slight stretch to reach] that [semi-plausible] honor!
¹ I like the part where he points out the Model S has a frame strong enough to support the weight of four more Model S-es on its roof

² Sadly, no stark, existential horror about the nonstop depression parade that is Funky Winkerbean.

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