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Rassin’ Frassin’ Windows Install, Grumble Grumble

I’ve finally gotten around to fixing the fact that my main PC was running a now-dead operating system and getting a more modern one on there.

  • Lesson #1: This is the last Windows system I’ll ever install¹. Holy glob, “no direct update” from the most popular O/S you’ve ever made? Are you high,e very single person in Redmond, Washington?
  • Lesson #2: Repopulating my feeds, getting my apps installed again², and figuring out why iTunes is pooching my podcasts is a project that will take more than a weekend.
  • Lesson #3: You are never done applying fresh updates and patches. This disc of Windows 7 was pressed in the past few months, it should not need more than a hundred damn patches.
  • Lesson #4: But if you have to do all this crap (instead of keeping up on what’s happening at TCAF), dual-booting to make the old data easily accessible is marginally less painful than any of the Microsoft-supplied alternatives.

So here’s what I know about webcomics today:

  • TCAF was awesome. Just check out the Twitterfeed of anybody that was there, and you will quickly come to the conclusion that the only problems TCAF has is the over-abundance of situations that require a high-five, potentially leaving your high-fiving hand sore. Plus, there was a last-minute (literally, in the last hour before show wrap-up) unannounced Ryan North/Randall Munroe panel & signing, and George was sighted on the grounds of the Toronto Reference Library with something he should never, ever have: puppets of Yuko Ota & Ananth Panagariya, meaning he now has his own private Yuko & Ananth. If you ever meet “Yuko” or “Ananth” at a convention and George is hovering nearby, maybe check for a healthy skin color, un-felty hair, and a pulse, just sayin’.
  • Time’s almost up for comics professionals to nominate worthy works for this year’s Harvey Awards. How about we make sure that the utterly inexplicable absence of Dean Trippe’s Something Terrible from the Eisner ballots isn’t repeated at the Harveys?

¹ I am already in talks with these fine nerds.

² I haven’t even gone near getting Steam migrated yet. If I lose my cheevos, I’ma be pissed.

“Are you high?” Well, pot IS legal here.

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