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Aaahhh, Have To Get To The Airport

Two things for you in the meantime:

  1. A wide-ranging set of opinions from [web]comics creators on the Great comiXology App-Shift of Fourteen, from Ron Perazza’s Comic Book Think Tank; I was surprised by how wide-ranging, even within the span of one creator’s opinion. For example, John Allison is approaching the issue from at least three different perspective simultaneously:

    Viewed from any angle, ComiXology/Amazon should give people pause.

    The 30% pay-to-play on in-app purchases within the Apple store’s walled garden is obscene. Comixology Submit’s creator deal was an equitable 50/50 split – after a corporate giant took a vast cut. This inevitably pushed prices up.

    A rump of entitled ComiXology users complaining that their method of reading comics just got *slightly less incredibly efficient* is laughable. One assumes that getting off one’s ass is still not part of the new way to buy titles through ComiXology.

    Amazon’s ownership of ComiXology will have an immediate hammer-down on prices, just like every other sector they’ve been involved in. Amazon’s near-monopoly has sucked a greater part of the life, and money, out of working in books, music, film.

    For the last 20 or so years, comic books have cost more than they were worth. Now get ready for them to cost much less than they’re worth. Get ready to lose your local comic shop, like you lost your local record store and your local bookshop.

  2. I picked up the first print volume of Cleopatra in Space by Mike Maihack, and it’s wonderful. Best part: it says “Book One” right on the cover, and in the back it says Cleo will be back in Book Two! Worst part: Book Two won’t be until April, 2015. Boooo, I want more Cleo now.

Okay, time to go get Freedom Fondled. Be good, see you on Monday.

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